The Hummingbird


Q) The Tab on the bowl that holds the hanger in place broke.  Did I do something wrong ?

A) Yes,  you did not read the instructions, but I forgive you.

  Follow these simple instructions and the tab will never break

  - Removing the hanger from the feeder is easy.  Simply push hanger (A) down into the bowl 1/4 of an inch so tab B is out of the notch, then quickly pull hanger out while flexing the hanger away from tab B
 Good news.... if you do accidentally  break the tab, let us know and we will ship you a new part.

Q)  We have bears.  We witnessed one eating the feeder completely.  After several hours,  the bear did you know what on our lawn.   We found the pieces unfortunately we can no longer use the feeder.  Is this covered under your warranty?

A)  Of Course.  Even the bears love it !!

Q)  We have a family of raccoons.  Those critters are so cute but they are so mischievous.  Last night they were playing frisbee with the top lid of the feeder.    Well.... we found it this  morning and they broke one of the perches.  What do we do ?

A)  Hey... The raccoons have to have fun too.  We will replace the lid at no cost.

Q)  This takes the cake.  Last night our feeder was abducted by  Aliens from outer space.  They must of really liked the cool design.  They took the lid but left the bowl and hanger.  What now ?

A) Not the first time this has happened.  No worries.  We will send you a new lid.  (kinda rude of the  aliens though  ,  at least they could ask)

Q) What is your Guarantee ?

A) We will make the best feeder possible,  always... We will replace or repair any defective part, failures due to defects in material or workmanship.

Q) What is your return policy?

A) Because the Lil Sweety/Hum Sweet Hum was extensively field tested, we do not accept returns because your hummingbirds won't use it.  We cannot predict the acceptance of all hummingbirds.  There are too many Human and Hummingbird variables.

Q)  How often should I change the nectar ?

A)  You should change the nectar every 2 to 3 days.  This insures fresh nectar for your birds.  If the nectar is allowed to ferment by leaving in the feeder to long, the birds will taste it and likely will not come back.  It's like us leaving a can of pop in the hot sun for a week and then drinking it.

Q)  How often should I wash my feeders ?

A) The secret to feeding hummingbirds is keeping the feeder clean.  Every time you change the nectar the feeder should be washed.  Fill the sink with hot water and add a splash of vinegar to it.  Slosh the feeders in the solutions and then rinse well.   Mold should never be allowed to grow on your feeder.  

Q)  I have an old hummingbird feeder that the birds were going to.  I took the old one down and put up the new feeder.  The birds don't seem to want to go to the new feeder.  How come ?

A)  Hummingbirds are creatures of habit.  They are simply use to the old feeder and that is what they expect.  It's like us having a favorite restaurant that we visit every day.  A new restaurant opens up across the street.  The new restaurant may be as good or better but we still want to eat at the place we feel most comfortable with.   (Solution)  hang the old feeder up.  Make sure it is clean and EMPTY.  The birds will go to the old feeder, find out it is empty and then will proceed to the new feeder.

Q)   Will the plastic get brittle or fade from the sun ?

A)  No... we use the best plastic available.  It is UV stabilized, will not get brittle or fade.  It will not deteriorate over time.

Q)  The top port (closer to the hanger) seems to be some distant away from the nectar.  Does the hummingbird have a hard time reaching the nectar ?

A)  The hummingbird tongue is twice as long as its beak.  If its beak is 1 inch long, the bird is able to reach 2 inches, therefore the hummingbird can touch the bottom of the bowl from the highest port with ease.